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  1. Hi!
    My daughter is graduating from Harrison High School and I am looking for 2 dozen cookies and I like your graduation motar board. Would you be able to make them Harrison Colors? Green and Blue. And also, how much are they a dozen?
    Thanks so much!

    1. Hello Barbara, thank you for contacting me. The graduation cookies run $3.50 each. They are a large sugar cookie with royal icing, and can certainly be customized to suit Harrison’s colors by having one color be the actual mortal board color and the other be the tassel color. One dozen would run $44.54, which includes tax. Let me know if you’re interested in submitting an order, and Congratulations on your daughter’s graduation.

      Hope you have ‘grande’ day!

  2. Hello Ellen!! Do you remember me? Meredith Hopper’s mom:) so excited to see your new business! Meredith has just accepted a position to teach math at Pope! Yay! I would LOVE to order her something great from you, but do you ship as I am in Virginia and she is still at Berry in Rome,GA? Miss you guys!!!
    PS – you guys look great!

    1. Of COURSE I remember you, Sharon!! How are things in Virginia? We were able to see Meredith about 2 years ago (I think) at Emory, I believe, to watch her play VB. It was wonderful to see her and what a lovely lady she has grown up to be! (no surprise there!)
      Congratulations on her getting a job and how cool that she is back at Pope! I’m sure she will love it.

      Nothing would make me happier than to fill an order for you for Meredith. My business is listed as a ‘Cottage Food Operator’, so that allows me to work from my home, but it inhibits me from selling over the state line. So I would not be able to ship anything to you. I hate that! If you would need anything in the state of Georgia, I would be thrilled to handle that for you.

      Just a brainstorming thought….I would be able to deliver something to Pope for her – like on her first day, a birthday, or something like that, if that appeals to you. Think about it and let me know.
      Congratulations on her new job, and hope you are loving Virginia.

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